A Fresh Look on Picking a Wedding Dress

We often hear the bride starts out with an image of her wedding dress in her head and searches far and wide to find it. But once she tries on that one dress they never thought of, she falls head-over-heels in love. It seems that the dress picks the bride, rather than the bride picks the dress.

 This thought may scare some of those that may be “Bridezillas” in training; however, you don’t have to give up ALL of your power. Here are some great ideas to think about when you go out scoping for your dress:

 If you’re going for the more VINTAGE look:

This is a great way to keep your family tradition woven into your event. Simply start with a piece of vintage fabric, or a family member wedding gown, and have it reworked to suit you and your day.


 If you’re going for the more MODERN look:

Consider your venue.  Is it glamorous evening affair with chandeliers, Champaign, and sterling silver/crystal? Or is it a garden wedding under the stars with a signature cocktail? Whatever style you love most, make sure your dress suits the mood.


 Keeping in mind the atmosphere and season, make sure your gown compliments the aura of your day. And take friends and/or family along with you for another viewpoint.

 Psst! Want to hear a secret? Satin and strapless is NOT the only way to go. Neither is wearing your wedding gown all night long. Change into a departure gown and make your exit both comfortable, and a surprise for your guests. Take the opportunity when all eyes are on you, to rock a different gown, long or short, and leave with your guests in awe.


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