A Model Story: Dawn Holt

Kayla works her styling magic on our model.

During her shoot, our client Dawn Holt showed us her many sides as both a model and a person. She was able to take on many looks and styles and embody each one as her own and give us a large platform of looks to work with.

We were also fortunate enough to learn about Dawn’s story and appreciate her on a whole new level. Dawn is in the navy, working in the Supply Department of aviation. She is stationed out Yokosuka, Japan, working on the USS George Washington which is at sea for about six months out of the year. The USS George Washington is a nuclear aircraft carrier that just returned from the Yellow Sea in Korea. This was the ship that would have protected South Korea if North Korea were to attack. Thankfully nothing happened but working on a war ship puts Dawn at the risk of being called out at any moment to fight for America’s freedom.

We want to thank you, Dawn, for your protection and dedication to our country! We wish you safe travels and hope to see you again very soon. Stay strong girl!


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