Why Spend Money on Photography?

I am reminded today of the answer to this question.  You see, today is my eighth wedding anniversary, and in the flood of memories, I naturally gravitate towards my precious albums of wedding photos.

 It is amazing how time is captured through photos.  As I flip page after page, I see images of children since grown, a precious father-in-law since passed away, my own Grandfather, no longer here, relationships that have dissolved, relationships that had not yet formed.  There are flowers and cake, laughter and tears, dancing, commitment, nostalgia….all in these little photos I possess. 

Why did I feel the need to spend the majority of my wedding budget on photography?  Because I knew, down the road, it would be those images which would unlock the flood of memories attached to that day.  Not the flowers, not the food, not the cake, not the venue, not even the dress…to be honest, had I not looked at the photos, I really couldn’t have told you what my flowers looked like.  The photos are all-encompassing. There is your wedding, all neat and contained, in a myriad of images.

As you plan your own wedding, remember your photography.  Take the time to carefully choose who is going to singlehandedly preserve your precious day. 


PS..the photo below is not of me, but is one of my favorites of Shannah’s.  This is how you capture the emotion of the day!


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