Stephanie and Brad’s Puerto Rico Wedding- Photographed by Marisu

Did I mention going to Puerto Rico to shoot a wedding? Well, did I also mention that Johnny Depp was there filming ‘Rum Diary’? Yeah, I’m not going to kiss and tell, but we were within 100 feet of him the day of the wedding….
They were a stunning couple, fabulous event design courtesy of Neil ( that turned the stylish Spanish hotel into an over the top vivid tropical fantasy – dancing, and i mean dancing!….until 1 A.M with DJ Geo ( from the Big Apple rockin’ the house (tourists thought it was a new nightclub and tried to get in)…so much fun. Learned a bit about Puerto Rico’s history and alot about their frozen coconut mojitos…but that’s another story………… -Marisu

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  1. Hey! Next time let me know! I am from Puerto Rico and I do many weddings at El COnvento & Hotel San Juan (check my blog).Next time we can do a get together or a photo shooting! Excellent images!Noel Del

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