Time Marches On…

October is a big month for me. I celebrate my wedding anniversary, my husbands birthday, the beginning of my favorite season…and this year, 10 years of photographing weddings in the Athens GA area. One of my favorite couples Amanda & John, celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday that I was taking their wedding photos and now they are the proud parents of a feisty and super fun 2.5 year old who is a current favorite subject in my photo studio. I feel so lucky to have these long-term relationships with clients. It totally fuels my passion for stories, as I have the opportunity to photograph the stories of people’s lives.

An honestly, I think it makes me appreciate my own life’s story more. I may not take as many photos as I would like to of my own children (the chef’s cupboard is always bare…) but I do find the time to savor those moments as they fly by. My photography just helps me stop the time a little better. My husband and I were talking about our inability to remember our first son’s actions/tricks/abilities when he was the age our second born is now (ripe ole’ 20 months!!) The mind has a way of getting jumbled with the grocery lists of life and it somehow pushes out those precious memories we so want to savor. That’s where I feel so lucky to have my secret weapon… my photos. With one click I can freeze time and with one glance I’m transported to Ethan’s “twinkle fingers” or Ben’s mischievous grin when he learned to walk. And it’s with such pleasure I capture those moments for my clients too. Whether it’s their wedding day and the loving glances they pass between each other, or the celebration of a pregnancy, or the marking of a special occasion- like “it’s Thursday and I feel really great about being me” I really do love that I’m the chosen one to save that moment– that feeling– forever.

When I get bogged down in the responsibilities of running a business, being a wife and a mother I try to take time to relish in my lucky post… I help people–myself included–take a little more time for the special moments and create a lasting work of art that can transport us back to those times when the world tries to push them away.  -Shannah


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