When you’ve photographed as much as we have you gain valuable insight into how people tick, you learn every detail of your particular camera and you understand on the deepest level what makes a great photograph. But just as critical as experience is inspiration. As one of the ZoomWorks founders I feel it’s essential to be motivated by more than the bottom line every time I pick up my camera. I got into photography because I felt it was the perfect medium for my artistic voice. As I approach 15 years as a professional photographer I still feel that is true. What I find most inspiring is the spirit of my subjects. Whether it’s the amazing dynamic of love between two people (like the wedding I photographed this weekend) or the unbridled curiosity of a two year old (like my buddy Clayton). The challenge of capturing that unique spirit in an image continues to energize me. Each member of the ZoomWorks team finds inspiration in different ways–but we all know it’s vital to staying fresh, having fun and loving what we do.
A little professional inspiration in the form of conferences- like the one we attended in Las Vegas in March (Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers of America), or from trade magazines can be helpful too. The amazing thing is that every time we find work we really respect and respond to, we find that we generally have a lot in common with the company/person’s way of doing business and with what motivates him/her/them.
Life is always hectic; what a joy it is to stop a moment in time for someone and preserve that spirit forever. -Shannah

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