The last word in photography

ZoomWorks Photography….where to begin? First of all we love photography, we love people and we love the opportunity to capture someones essence, spirit and true emotions with our camera.
The “we” of ZoomWorks is our amazing team. Headed by Founders Shannah Cahoe Montgomery and Marisu Wehrenberg. Their respective backgrounds in fine art, photojournalism, fashion and styling led to the ZoomWorks vision and guides everything we do. Our extremely talented associates Deanna Pieniaszek and Alex Martinez, and our crew of faithful and amazing assistant photographers bring their own unique flair to the team.

We spend a lot of time at weddings and LOVE them. It’s not the kind of thing you can do half-heartedly, and certainly not for the 7 years and more than 1000 weddings we’ve photographed since the founding of ZoomWorks in 2000.

Traveling to destination weddings is always a pleasure, and can also present a unique set of challenges… but it’s always worth it when we get back amazing images! This year we’ve spent time on the Florida and Georgia coasts and in St. Thomas. Highlights have included the breathtaking views from the cliffs on St. Thomas, with the couple looking so amazing and radiating such pure, beautiful love that it could eclipse the natural beauty around them. There was the great beach party in Treasure Island, Fl and those gorgeous Gulf sunsets.  -Marisu and Shannah


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